9th World Microcomputer Chess Championship
Software Group
Sep. 1989, Portoroz YUG
#Name 12 3456 789PSBG
1Mephisto X 2w=5b18w17b13w1  4w16b118¾7
2Rebel 1b=4w16b1 5w=8b17w13b= 15 7
3Pandix 8w17b1  1b04w=6b12w=5b=10 7
4AI Chess 6w12b05w18b17w13b= 1b0 7
5Why Not 89  1w04b06w12b= 8w17b13w=7
6Paul 4b0 2w05b08w17b13w0 1w07
7Kempelen Atari 3w0 1w04b06w02b05w08b17
8Nightmare 3b0 1b04w06b02w05b0 7w07

An illegal entry called Quick Step was disqualified after the 7th round. This table contains only the qualified entries.
World Micro Absolute Champion: Mephisto Portoroz (claimed to be identical with Mephisto X)
World Micro Manufacturers Champion: Mephisto Portoroz (unchallenged)
World Micro Software Champion: Mephisto X
World Micro PC Champions:  Pandix, AI Chess

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