The pairing:

Nemeton  The Baron  0-1 
Hiarcs  Spartacus  1-0 
Komodo  The King  1-0 
Arminius  Embla  1-0 


This round has started on Sunday 30 April 2017 9:45. At 9:44 only Embla is not yet present. Hopefully has not overslept. But Folkert walks in just before the start of the round.

Nementon plays an instructive game for starters in chess. It shows that you should not bring your queen too early into the battles on the board. The Baron punishes this and the games goes lost for Nementon. Spartacus against Hiarcs is a rook ending. Human players would draw this probably, but the tablebases are making it almost impossible for Spartacus to win. The promise of Johan de Koning to draw with The King against Komodo unfortunately could not stand. It lost the game.

Photos by Jan Krabbenbos


Arminius  Nemeton  1-0 
Embla  Komodo  0-1 
The King  Hiarcs  0-1 
Spartacus  The Baron  ½-½ 


The round has started. There are a few interesting games to be played in this round. The King and Nementon might be outsiders.

The draw by Spartacus against The Baron was a surprise. In the resulting position the programs could not find a good move to get forward. So a draw was concluded. The game The King - Hiarcs was a sharp game, where white chose not the correct move at the crucial moment. Which resulted in a win for Hiarcs. Komodo's operator Hans van der Zijden mentions that Embla is the strongest opponent it had today. Although Komodo won, it was the longest game of round 3. 

The pairing for the second round is:

Nemeton  Spartacus  1-0 
The Baron  The King  1-0 
Hiarcs  Embla  1-0
Komodo  Arminius  1-0 


(The games will start around 14:00, probably a little earlier.)

The results seem logical when you look at the playing strength of the programs. The win of Nementon over Spartacus is an interesting one as Harm Geert Muller has not done work to his program for 8 years and Stan Arts is improving his program continually. Stan remarked that he improved on hardware also and that this is improving the speed with a factor 3. The endgame of The Baron against the King is an interesting fight with a pawn promoting on both sides of the board to a queen. However, The King could not win as The Baron already had seen. After The Baron forced the exchange of the queens, Johan de Koning decided to throw the towel. About Embla we can say that it was improved a lot by Folkert van Heusden. It plays good games now, although it is still weaker than the big shots like Hiarcs. 

Fotos by Jan Krabbenbos

The first round of the tournament has started. We have 8 participants, including the world champion Komodo and Hiarcs. Some of the programs have not been changed for almost 10 years (The King), other programs have been changed even today to get the best results. 

Time control is 45 minutes plus 15 seconds per program per game. Unfortunately no live coverage this tournament. Your organizer had not enough time to prepare.

Pairing and results: 

Komodo  Nemeton  1-0 
Arminius Hiarcs  0-1
Embla The Baron  0-1
The King Spartacus  1-0


Naast het programmeurstoernooi is ook het gebruikerstoernoo gestart. Door een afzegging speelt Hans van Mierlo met twee machines. 

Foto's door Jan Krabbenbos:

(English version will appear as soon as possible. activities are: 51st programmers tournament, 34th users tournament, draughts tournament).

De CSVN organiseert op zaterdag 29 en zondag 30 april de voorjaarsactiviteit. Voor de 51e keer wordt er een Programmeurstoernooi gehouden. Daarnaast zal ook op deze zaterdag alweer het 34e traditionele Gebruikerstoernooi worden gehouden. Op zondag wordt bij voldoende deelname ook een computer dam toernooi georganiseerd!

Tevens zal tijdens de voorjaarsactiviteit de Algemene Ledenvergadering op de zaterdag om 11:15 worden gehouden. De benodigde stukken voor deze vergadering vindt u in Computerschaak.

Plaats van handeling is het "Leids Denksportcentrum", Robijnstraat 4, 2332 KE Leiden, zaal B. De tijden zijn enigszins afwijkend van wat u normaal gewend bent, dus we hebben hierbij het tijdsschema opgenomen.

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