The fifth round has started on time. The only adaption today we have done is to change the time control to 35 minutes + 15 seconds per move. In this way we hope to stay within the possible time limits.

The results of the first day an the standings can be found here: 52nd Programmer Tournament. It also contains the rounds to play. PGN files can be found here: default CSVN Programmer Tournament 52 (44 KB) . Unfortunately this tournament no photos, as your reporter left his camera at home.

In short: The Baron is leading with 3.5 out of 4 followed by a group of three programs with 3 out of 4: Arminius, The King and Dirty.


  • Nemeton - Arminius 0-1
  • Embla - The Baron 0-1
  • The King - Chess22k 1/2
  • Gadget - RedQueen 0-1
  • Spartacus - Dirty 0-1

The first round has started. We decided to go for 9 rounds instead of 7 as this lets everybody play everybody, which gives all 10 players play each other once. Time control changed to 40 minutes + 15 seconds per move.

The pairing:

  • The King - Gadget
  • Chess22k - Arminius
  • The Baron - Redqueen
  • Nemeton - Dirty
  • Embla - Spartacus

The reporting on the tournament will have a laps today, as your reporter has an other appointment this afternoon!

Op 11 en 12 november 2017 zal het Najaarsevent worden gehouden in Leiden, in het Leids Denksportcentrum. Zoals gewoonlijk zullen we het programmeurstoernooi en gebruikerstoernooi houden. Meer informatie volgt zo snel mogelijk.

On 11 and 12 November 2017 the Autumn Event will be held in Leiden, in the Leids Denksportcentrum. As usual there will be a programmers tournament and a user tournament. More information will follow as soon as possible.

De volgende deelnemers hebben zich reeds aangemeld:

 #   Naam   Rating  Operator
 1   Novag Citrine  2049  Paul Wiselius
 2  Fidelity EAG V2 68000 16 MHz   2043  Hein Veldhuis
 3  Saitek D+ 8mhz (evt. 2e computer Fidelity Mach 3 16mhz 2043)   2025   Hans van Mierlo
 4  Mephisto Mondial 68000XL   2004  Franz Bittner
 5  Novag Emerald Classic Plus  2021  Luuk Hofman
 6  Mephisto Nigel Short   2028  Tobias Gora
 7  Novag Obsidian  2013  Ries van Leeuwen
 8  Saitek President  2021  Peter Schimmelpennink 
 9  Mephisto Milano  2007  Rob van Son


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