De volgende deelnemers hebben zich reeds aangemeld:

 #   Naam   Rating  Operator
 1   Novag Citrine  2049  Paul Wiselius
 2  Fidelity EAG V2 68000 16 MHz   2043  Hein Veldhuis
 3  Saitek D+ 8mhz (evt. 2e computer Fidelity Mach 3 16mhz 2043)   2025   Hans van Mierlo
 4  Mephisto Mondial 68000XL   2004  Franz Bittner
 5  Novag Emerald Classic Plus  2021  Luuk Hofman
 6  Mephisto Nigel Short   2028  Tobias Gora
 7  Novag Obsidian  2013  Ries van Leeuwen
 8  Saitek President  2021  Peter Schimmelpennink 
 9  Mephisto Milano  2007  Rob van Son


The pairing:

Nemeton  Hiarcs  0-1 
Komodo  The Baron  1-0 
Arminius  Spartacus  1-0 
Embla  The King  0-1 


This round have started on Sunday 30 April 2017 at approx. 14:00. With one leader, Komodo, 5 out of 5, followed by Hiarcs with half a point less and The Baron with 1 point behind the leader. 

The Baron loses after an unequal fight, although the game seemed a long time equal.

The pairing:

Embla  Nemeton  0-1 
The King  Arminius  0-1 
Spartacus  Komodo  0-1 
The Baron  Hiarcs  ½-½ 


This round is started on Sunday 30 April 2017 at approx. 11:45. Harm Geert is remarking "Komodo, sigh...." when the pairing is announced. Hiarcs and The Baron are discussing the drawish line of the book opening. But it is a short book line that is used by The Baron. Nementon wins although Embla tries to confuse its opponent by promoting to a knight. In the end The Baron draws against Hiarcs, although at one time the move played was confusing to the players, thinking that it was a losing move for white.

We have a visitor: Gert Isenberg. As came from Germany on his electric bike, he's entertaining the people with his stories of his trip from home to Leiden.

Photos by Jan Krabbenbos

The pairing:

Nemeton  The Baron  0-1 
Hiarcs  Spartacus  1-0 
Komodo  The King  1-0 
Arminius  Embla  1-0 


This round has started on Sunday 30 April 2017 9:45. At 9:44 only Embla is not yet present. Hopefully has not overslept. But Folkert walks in just before the start of the round.

Nementon plays an instructive game for starters in chess. It shows that you should not bring your queen too early into the battles on the board. The Baron punishes this and the games goes lost for Nementon. Spartacus against Hiarcs is a rook ending. Human players would draw this probably, but the tablebases are making it almost impossible for Spartacus to win. The promise of Johan de Koning to draw with The King against Komodo unfortunately could not stand. It lost the game.

Photos by Jan Krabbenbos

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