Arminius  Nemeton  1-0 
Embla  Komodo  0-1 
The King  Hiarcs  0-1 
Spartacus  The Baron  ½-½ 


The round has started. There are a few interesting games to be played in this round. The King and Nementon might be outsiders.

The draw by Spartacus against The Baron was a surprise. In the resulting position the programs could not find a good move to get forward. So a draw was concluded. The game The King - Hiarcs was a sharp game, where white chose not the correct move at the crucial moment. Which resulted in a win for Hiarcs. Komodo's operator Hans van der Zijden mentions that Embla is the strongest opponent it had today. Although Komodo won, it was the longest game of round 3. 

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