The Pairing:

The King  Nemeton  1-0 
Spartacus  Embla  ½-½ 
The Baron  Arminius  0-1 
Hiarcs  Komodo  1-0 

This game will be played on Sunday 30 April 2017 at approx. 15:45. The last round starts with Komodo having a perfect score, 6 out of 6. Its opponent has only half a point less. For the third place, Arminius and The Baron will fight in their last game. For the 5th position it will be a battle between Nementon and the King. And there is a battle for the last position as well: Embla has Spartacus as the opponent.

Surprises everywhere sofar. Hiarcs has a good opening against Komodo. Komodo sees that it is hopeless (the Fritz user interface is deciding this) and gives up the game. At that time Hiarcs saw already mate in 101 on ponder moves.

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