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All the rounds are played and the end ranking could be made. After some calculation it emerged that the winner of the tournament is Jonny (6 out of 7). Shredder is second, only on the tie-breaker but with equal number of points (6 out of 7). Shared third place is for GridProtector and Hiarcs (5 out of 7).

The games can be downloaded from the default download section (32 KB)  or replayed below. The results and the final ranking can be found under PT49 and later also under the history menu.

A hilarious moment came when just before the handing out of the prizes it became clear that our chairman had given away the wrong cups yesterday to the winners of the user tournament. They got the prizes for the programmer tournament. And now the programmers get the cups of the user tournament. Of course we will fix this somehow.

Jonny plays white

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The last round must result in a winner. Both Jonny and Shredder share at the moment the first place with 5 from 6. They are followed by GridProtector and Hiarcs with 4 points.

  • The King -Jonny 0-1
  • Arminius - Shredder 0-1
  • Hiarcs - The Baron 1-0
  • GridProtector - Spartacus 1-0
  • Dirty - Embla 1-0
  • Rookie - Fruit Reloaded 0-1

Due to cleaning out the playing hall the results are somewhat late.

Results and ranking can be found via the PT49 menu. Live games via the same menu, but select live. Photos can be found below. The PGN of the previous round has been uploaded to the downloads.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

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