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The attached Python program "run-simtest-wb" can be used the run the CSVN similarity test on one or more cores.

The pre-conditions are:

  1. Python 2 is installed. To check, type in a Terminal window "python --version" and see for example "Python 2.6.7" appear. (The program is not tested for Python 3).
  2. The engine speaks the Winboard protocol version 2, specifically it must understand the "setboard" command.
  3. The script is tested on MacOSX using Crafty 23.4
  4. The engine should not use an internal book
  5. The script is made executable (chmod 755 run-simtest-uci). Alternatively start the program with "python run-simtest-wb ..."

The usage is a follows:

        ./run-simtest-wb  [  [  ] ]

        engine          binary of Winboard engine
        cpus            number of parallel engines to start (all single-threaded)
        movetime        in seconds (float)

        For example:
        ./run-simtest-wb crafty 4 1  simcsvn1.crafty.epd
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