The first round of the tournament has started. We have 8 participants, including the world champion Komodo and Hiarcs. Some of the programs have not been changed for almost 10 years (The King), other programs have been changed even today to get the best results. 

Time control is 45 minutes plus 15 seconds per program per game. Unfortunately no live coverage this tournament. Your organizer had not enough time to prepare.

Pairing and results: 

Komodo  Nemeton  1-0 
Arminius Hiarcs  0-1
Embla The Baron  0-1
The King Spartacus  1-0


Naast het programmeurstoernooi is ook het gebruikerstoernoo gestart. Door een afzegging speelt Hans van Mierlo met twee machines. 

Foto's door Jan Krabbenbos:

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