The fifth round has started on time. The only adaption today we have done is to change the time control to 35 minutes + 15 seconds per move. In this way we hope to stay within the possible time limits.

The results of the first day an the standings can be found here: 52nd Programmer Tournament. It also contains the rounds to play. PGN files can be found here: default CSVN Programmer Tournament 52 (44 KB) . Unfortunately this tournament no photos, as your reporter left his camera at home.

In short: The Baron is leading with 3.5 out of 4 followed by a group of three programs with 3 out of 4: Arminius, The King and Dirty.


  • Nemeton - Arminius 0-1
  • Embla - The Baron 0-1
  • The King - Chess22k 1/2
  • Gadget - RedQueen 0-1
  • Spartacus - Dirty 0-1
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