1st World Microcomputer Chess Championship,
Sep. 1980, London GBR
1Chess Challenger12w110b12w17b15w113 13 5
2Boris Experimental14b18w11b03w17w113 5
3Mike 3.010w17b=11w12b04b=13½5
4Rook 4.09w012b=10b16b13w=12 5
5Sargon 2.011w09b113w112b11b012 5
6Gambiet 807w011b18w14w012b111½5
7Sargon 2.5 Modular GS6b13w=9b11w02b017½5
8Sargon 2.5 Auto RB13w12b06b011w19w=12½5
9Vega 1.74b15w07w013w18b=12 5
10Viktor3b01w04w014w113b112 5
12Fafner 21b04w=14b15w06w014 5
13Princhess8b014w15b09b010w010 5
14K. Chess IV2w013b012w010b011b010½5

Modular Game System and Auto Response Board played with the same Sargon 2.5 software. Chess Challenger (Ron Nelson, Fidelity USA) and Boris Experimental (Applied Concepts Marketing Inc. USA) played a three game match for a £ 2,500.- bet, counting their game in round 3 of the regular tournament. This ended 2-1 for Chess Challenger.

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