1st International CSVN Tournament
Leiden, Netherlands, May 18-20th 2001

After some years without a Dutch computer-chess tournament in spring it was time for something new: a tournament more accessible to foreigners than our annual Open Dutch Championship Computer-Chess since 1981(!) thanks to the fact it is played in a consecutive number of days. At the same time we accomodated potential participants who cannot take much leave from work. With this tournament the participants keep in contact with other chess programmers and keep momentum in the development of their program. The playing tempo is reasonably swift, 90 minutes per player for the whole game. This and the fact that two top-programs Fritz and Gambit Tiger 2.0 had a very close competition, lead to a big spectacle with world-wide (web!) interest from the computer-chess community.


The following rules applied:

  • Entry is open for all nationalities. CSVN membership is not required for this tournament.
  • The programmer, being someone who programmed at least a significant part of the program must register as a participant, possibly together with other team members, who have also contributed.
  • The source code of the program may not contain pieces of published programs, unless the authors are in the team.
Tournament rules (English)
Toernooiregelementen (Dutch)

In addition to the rules we requested the programmers to be present themselves to operate their program and explain its background. Most programmers were able to attend. We even had a participant from Hungary!

The pairing and ranking for this tournament was done on Buchholz and SB points, because no ratings of the programs on the current hardware were available.

Final Ranking and Games of the
First International CSVN Tournament 18-20 May 2001

Round Results
2Gambit Tiger 2.016b114w13w=1b17w16b18w=5b110w145 39¾9
4Yace15w13b011w19b16w07b=5w012b114b140 22½9
5The King14b0bye110w112w=13b11w04b12w07b=48½21¾8
7Insomniac19w11w016b13w12b04w=6b011b15w=44 18 9
8SOS10b017w=14b018b116w112w12b=13w11w042½20 9
10Goliath Chess X8w19b05b011w=19b113w=15b13w12b040 18¾9
11IsiChess X1b015w14b010b=17w19w=13b=7w0bye143 15½8
13SpiderGirl6w=12b019w117b15w010b=11w=8b016w134 13½9
14Quark5w12b08w16b015b018w19b019b14w039½13 9
15Goldbar4b011b0bye116w114w13b010w018b019w134 8
16Xinix2w019b17w015b08b0bye117w19w=13b037 8


2Gambit Tiger 2.01X½.111½.1...1.1...45 39¾9
4Yace..0X00½.1.11.11....40 22½9
5The King00.1X.½..1.½10.....48½21¾8
7Insomniac001½½0X...1....1..144 18 9
8SOS0½.....X.0.110.1½1.42½20 9
10Goliath Chess X.01.0..10X½.½.1...140 18¾9
11IsiChess X0..0..0.½½X.½.1.1..43 15½8
13SpiderGirl....0½.0.½½0X..11.134 13½9
14Quark.0.010.10....X0..1139½13 9
15Goldbar..00.....00..1X1.0134 8
16Xinix.0....00½...0.0X1.137 8

List of participants in random order:

  Name Hardware Team Place
1 Gambit Tiger 2.0 Pentium III, 1200 MHz, 128 MB Christophe Théron, 
Jeroen Noomen (book),
Hans van der Zijden (oper.)
Gosier, Guadeloupe
Apeldoorn, NL
2 Fritz Dual Pentium III, 1000 MHz Frans Morsch, Mathias Feist, Alex Kure (book) Dronten, NL
3 The King (AMD, 1300 MHz, 30MB) Johan de Koning,
Cock de Gorter (book)
Delft, NL
4 Yace AMD 1000 MHz Dieter Bürßner,
Jan Kaan (book/oper.)
Konstanz, Germany
5 Patzer dual Pentium III 1075 MHz, 600 MB Roland Pfister, 
Frank Quisinsky
Frankfurt, Germany
Trier, Germany
6 Tao (Pentium III 500 Mhz) Bas Hamstra,
Cock de Gorter (book)
Groningen, NL
7 Ant Pentium IV 1500 MHz Tom Vijlbrief, Hans Secelle and Albrecht Heeffer Baarn, NL 
Schelderode, Belgium
8 Diep quad Xeon 700 MHz Vincent Diepeveen Veenendaal, NL
9 SOS Pentium, Dual 800 MHz Rudolf Huber Munich, Germany
10 Insomniac AMD Athlon 1300 MHz James Robertson Riverside CA, USA
11 XiniX AMD Athlon 1200 MHz,
128 MB
Tony Werten,
Hans Secelle (oper.)
Eindhoven, NL
12 IsiChess X AMD Athlon 1200 MHz Gerd Isenberg Essen, Germany
13 Quark Pentium III 933 MHz Thomas Mayer,
Leo Dijksman (book)
14 GoldBar Athlon Thunderbird 1200 Bart Goldhoorn Almere, NL
15 SpiderGirl AMD 1200 MHz, 48 MB Martin Giepmans Nijmegen, NL
16 31337/Celes AMD Athlon 800 MHz, 128 MB Johan Hutting,
Marcel Veldhuizen (GUI)
Leeuwarden, NL
17 Mat(h)! Pentium III, 1000 MHz Andy Van De Putte Assenede, Belgium
18 Crux AMD Duron 750 MHz László Szalai Hungary
19 Goliath Chess X Pentium III, 1000 MHz Michael Borgstädt
Erdogan Günes
Hamburg, Germany

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